From Here to There!

From Here To There is an iPad application for the exploration of arithmetic, symbolic algebra, and logic. Expressions are dragged across the interface and expanded to reveal factors. Numbers are split open with simple swipes and canceled out with diagonal lines. In each puzzle, the user moves an expression from one position (“Here”) to another goal position (“There”). Getting from Here to There takes experimentation, practice, and skill--and often will surprise you. Through this journey, users discover operational laws and algebraic malleability. They rearrange dynamic expressions and solve tricky equations. Mathematics becomes a game of intrigue and experimentation.

From Here to There provides intuitive feedback about mathematical rules and algebraic notation. Equations shake when the orders of operations are incorrectly applied, and erroneous calculations are erased. Once a problem is completed, a score sheet will slide on screen with users’ efficiency, number of mistakes, and gold stars.

If you already know algebra through a traditional route, you may find the way you think in From Here To There to be different than what you're used to: the math is all the same, but we try to challenge you to think flexibly, and to play with the symbols in a modern, intuitive interface. In some cases, this can take a little getting used to. Be sure to experiment, and try things out till you get a feel for it--you won't break anything important, we promise!

Note to parents: This free version of From Here to There focuses on expressions involving addition and multiplication. There are no ads or popups of any kind, and no in-app purchases. We do collect minimal, fully anonymous data about how people use our app. We don’t collect names, geographic information, or anything else private, and we don’t share data with anyone except qualified researchers.