Graspable Math

In Graspable Math equations and expressions are, well, Graspable—they are objects you can see and touch and move, but in ways that are learnable and relatable to our everyday interactions with objects. In Graspable Math, expressions are transformed by simple gestures that resemble actually physical interactions: since you usually pick up an object in one place, and set it down where it goes, this is how you move a term from one place to another. To distribute, you drag objects into parentheses; to factor, you drag them on top of each other and out.Graspable Math is a chessboard for notations—something that frees learners from the constraints of rote transcription, allowing them access to the power and beauty of the structure.

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From Here to There!

From Here To There is an iPad application for the exploration of arithmetic, symbolic algebra, and logic. Expressions are dragged across the interface and expanded to reveal factors. Numbers are split open with simple swipes and canceled out with diagonal lines. In each puzzle, the user moves an expression from one position (“Here”) to another goal position (“There”). Getting from Here to There takes experimentation, practice, and skill--and often will surprise you. Through this journey, users discover operational laws and algebraic malleability. They rearrange dynamic expressions and solve tricky equations. Mathematics becomes a game of intrigue and experimentation.

From Here to There provides intuitive feedback about mathematical rules and algebraic notation. Equations shake when the orders of operations are incorrectly applied, and erroneous calculations are erased. Once a problem is completed, a score sheet will slide on screen with users’ efficiency, number of mistakes, and gold stars.

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Matris is a mathematical Tetris-styled game where numbers continously fall downward adding to the growing math problem on the bottom. Players must simplify the growing expression quickly before they run out of room. Although this game is still in it's early beta stages of development, it is quite addicting!

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