Cycle 1 - Week 1 Coach Tom's Assignment

Solving a multi-step equation

Y2 Week 1 Workshop Activities
1th equation
Keq Example

Basic Keq equation, solve for Keq with given concentrations

New 1
Pitagorasen teorema
Quadratic Formula
Broken Calculator Algebra Problems

Some broken calculator algebra problems good for reviewing rules and derivations, for expression ...

Cell Phone Plan Problems
Broken Calculator Problems
Division of Decimals
Mr. Knowles' Equilateral Equations puzzle

Nice simple task using expressions in x and y to represent the angles of an equilateral triangle....

Mr. Knowles Problem #3

This is the setup for Mr. Knowles problem 3, where I've done some of the hard work of entering th...

Practice Basic Canvas Techniques

An interactive page designed to help teachers/tutors in our professional development program prac...

OpenMiddle-Style Fractions Exploration

Some open middle-style problems designed to help people learn to use fractions (we use these for ...

One Incorrect – Worksheet 1

The first of Dan Steward's One Correct worksheets, in Graspable Math. Drag variables and numbers ...

Largest Solution Activity

Find out which numbers give the largest solution in a linear equation. Practice sense-making, equ...

Basic Expression Polygon (Square)--Mathematical Etudes

This is the basic Expression Polygon, from the Mathematical Etudes project by Colin Foster (http:...

(German) Beispiele Gleichungen und Äquivalenzumformungen

Was mit Gleichungen und den Äquivalenzumformungen möglich ist.

(German) Beispiele Brüche

Eine Sammlung von Brüchen und Rechen-Aufgaben mit Brüchen und was man damit machen kann.

(German) Beispiele allgemeine Bedienung

Einige Tipps für die Benutzung. die nicht so offensichtlich sind.

Pythagoras Basic

simple calculation, finding hypotenuse

IDQ--Simultaneous Equations

Solve using substitution. Thanks to Mr. Taylor for encouraging us to replicate his "Increasingly...

IDQ--Changing the Subject 1

Rearrange to solve the equation for y instead of x. Thanks to Mr. Taylor for encouraging us to re...

Kinematic Equations without deltas
Dynamic Algebra Assessment Problems

sample problems targetting linear equations and equivalency

IDQ--Simplifying Expressions 1

Simplify each expression. Thanks to Mr. Taylor for encouraging us to replicate his "Increasingly ...

Algebra Maze 1

Start from the arrowed expression, and find a route to the opposite side of the maze moving only ...

Difference between two Quadratics
Midsegment Theorem for Triangles
Distance Formula