Practice Basic Canvas Techniques

An interactive page designed to help teachers/tutors in our professional development program prac...

OpenMiddle-Style Fractions Exploration

Some open middle-style problems designed to help people learn to use fractions (we use these for ...

One Incorrect – Worksheet 1

The first of Dan Steward's One Correct worksheets, in Graspable Math. Drag variables and numbers ...

Largest Solution Activity

Find out which numbers give the largest solution in a linear equation. Practice sense-making, equ...

Basic Expression Polygon (Square)--Mathematical Etudes

This is the basic Expression Polygon, from the Mathematical Etudes project by Colin Foster (http:...

(German) Beispiele Gleichungen und Äquivalenzumformungen

Was mit Gleichungen und den Äquivalenzumformungen möglich ist.

(German) Beispiele Brüche

Eine Sammlung von Brüchen und Rechen-Aufgaben mit Brüchen und was man damit machen kann.

(German) Beispiele allgemeine Bedienung

Einige Tipps für die Benutzung. die nicht so offensichtlich sind.

Pythagoras Basic

simple calculation, finding hypotenuse

IDQ--Simultaneous Equations

Solve using substitution. Thanks to Mr. Taylor for encouraging us to replicate his "Increasingly...

IDQ--Changing the Subject 1

Rearrange to solve the equation for y instead of x. Thanks to Mr. Taylor for encouraging us to re...

Kinematic Equations without deltas
Dynamic Algebra Assessment Problems

sample problems targetting linear equations and equivalency

IDQ--Simplifying Expressions 1

Simplify each expression. Thanks to Mr. Taylor for encouraging us to replicate his "Increasingly ...

Algebra Maze 1

Start from the arrowed expression, and find a route to the opposite side of the maze moving only ...

Difference between two Quadratics
Midsegment Theorem for Triangles
Distance Formula